Protection For Ecoterritories In Budget?

Montreal Island has a very low percentage of green space (3%) and while the city has often talked about increasing that number (up to 8%), it has shown absolutely nothing in action or policy that provides any hope of even maintaining what is currently there, while developers continue to have unusually strong influences on green space policies.
“The Montreal Conseil de l’agglomération will soon be voting on a budget for preserving and acquiring urban ecoterritories. The meeting on the 14th of Jan. will determine if Tremblay honors his previous commitment of ($41 million over 3 years) for this cause. Local Green Coalition activist Patrick Barnard’s video makes the case for an ecological city.” (Thanks to Cym Gomery).

The Ten Ecoterritories

A Green Mirage

An Ecoterritory

The Falaise Saint Jacques provides an excellent opportunity for the city to demonstrate how to rehabilitate lands into a new, sustainable city. But the current plan to move Autoroute 20 beside it is simply part of an astonishingly outmoded way of thinking that actually creates more problems than it tries to solve.


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