Save The Main!

The Main has to be helped, but shoving in more corporate development is not the answer. The place can’t stop having meaning for Montrealers for it would be a huge loss. Just east down the road is the Gay Village, one of the most successful rejuvenations of a neighborhood on the planet! To the west is the new entertainment district. The city just doesn’t have a clue how to connect the dots. Let’s not forget that the Tremblay administration simply has not demonstrated any realistic understanding of this city, it’s culture, it’s history, and it’s neighborhoods with any of the mega projects they have lusted after.

Kind of ironic that the owner of 4-6 properties on The Main, Hydro Quebec, has allowed those buildings to rot for 10 years a la Seville Theatre. But no surprise when you consider that Hydro Quebec must love a mega project that promises a zillion light bulbs burning and nice fat chunks of square footage that needs to be heated and air conditioned. The Main deserves more love than that!

The video is very informative and I didn’t really know there was such a “Moulin Rouge” character to the Cafe Cleopatra. Really. Worth. Saving.

Save The Main

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