The Arctic is melting and slowly dividing human history into two distinct periods, the time when there was an Arctic, and the time when there wasn’t. Today we live in the geologically very brief interim period between the two. The main question is whether or not there will actually be a post Arctic period, or is this really the great endgame?
What does it say about humans that we are threatened in such a way and we are barely able to admit there is even a problem?

I would like to propose an art project that discusses this issue, this process, and how we are dealing with it. Completely open to any forms or ideas, the project would be “exhibited” in the spring when the snow in the city is melting. Could be outdoors or in a donated space, anywhere. It’s completely up to the people participating to make it happen. Have some ideas and a place to meet. Anyone interested can email and we will get together and see what we can come up with.

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