December 6

It s been 20 years since 14 woman were murdered at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. Have we learned anything? I don’t know. Woman and children are still being abused as far as I know so I am very hesitant to suggest that things are somehow “better”. All I really know is that children who are loved usually don’t grow up to be psychopathic abusers and murderers. They say it takes a village to raise a child and that implies a certain amount of responsibility for us all. It’s important to remember that a child is better off away from an abusive parent, that proper caring can save a child from a nightmare existence of fear, hatred, and violence.
There is no reason to believe that the 14 woman murdered would ever have done any intentional harm to other human beings, but they were victims of an archaic system of beliefs based on fear and hatred, power and control, a system of beliefs rooted in inequality and oppression.
It does not serve us well to think of the killer as an isolated madman. That just sweeps the conditions that led to this tragedy under the rug. We must insist that all our children are raised in healthy, loving environments, that hatred and abuse of anyone is totally unacceptable! Only then can we truly move forward.


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