Lesson # 1: How To Not Build A City

Although I missed it myself a friend told me that one of the representatives of the Societe du Havre de Montreal group behind all the Bonaventure redevelopments (which includes the Dalhousie Corridor) said, when asked about the new Windsor Station project, something like, “We are not paying attention to that, it’s out of our scope, we have focused only on Bonaventure.” And this was at a public consultation event.

The Windsor Station project is centered around building a “transportation hub” and the Bonaventure project contains a significant bus corridor as well as a new urban boulevard to replace the old elevated freeway. These locations are about a 2 and a half minute walk from each other.

Now maybe I have missed something big time here, but it just makes sense to me that these two projects cannot possibly proceed without each having an acute awareness of what the other is planning to do. And there is a history here of extreme short sightedness when it comes to planning for transportation (see Bell Centre). The left hand and the right not only need to know what each other is doing, it’s also a good idea that they be attached to the same body.

It’s hard to believe we may be building transportation infrastructure without demanding that it fit an overall plan for the city, but that is what appears to be happening.

And that is no way to build a city.


2 responses to “Lesson # 1: How To Not Build A City

  1. well said. how ridiculous. this city has so much going for it, but we have a business community that not only holds us back, they pull us down; and, we have a municipal government that just continually seems to show us that they are completely incompetent.

    what to do?

    can we take them to court for negligence, or something?

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