We Just Don’t Get It!

Climate change that is. The evidence is overwhelming, yet we continue to ignore it. Article by Albert Nerenberg here.
And I like this bit about how we are reacting.
“Here’s the weird part: When people hear about carbon offsets or climate-change agreements, now suddenly they’re upset. Instead of being mad at oil companies, they get mad at Al Gore. When people hear that fighting climate change might hit them in the pocketbook, they really freak out. Now we get it. It’s a plot by the environmentalists or the “alarmist” scientists. The amazing thing is that we’re at the unreal stage where some people would burn Al Gore at the stake rather than save their world from burning.”
Must be some kind of shooting the messenger syndrome!


3 responses to “We Just Don’t Get It!

  1. I would respectfully change the title of this post to :

    “We just don’t give a shit”… Scary to see that what would seem to be 90% of the population just not caring enough to see where this is all heading. I don’t even know if caring is the right word. The mainstreamers just wake up, drink their coffee, get in the car, sit in traffic for an hour, sit in a cube for another 8, sit in traffic again… and repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Everyone is desensitized to EVERYTHING. Mass murders of students, forgotten in a week. Hurricanes destroying entire coastlines, a distant memory. I think the only way humanity will truly understand the full effects of this will be when they wake up one morning and their cars are underwater.

    Really. A sad, sad state of affairs.

  2. yea, so true, we just don’t WANT to get it. You would think that they would be concerned about continuity, like what is going to happen to their kids, grandchildren, but I guess just ignoring everything allows for happy endings somewhere inside……

  3. That is the truly baffling part…the offspring. How can they possibly look their kids in the eye every day and still do nothing to stop the carnage. Or worse yet, cause more harm in their daily routines.

    ‘I’m sorry’ just doesn’t cut it…

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