Minister Of Health Wants Freeways Rethought!

Story by Jacob Larsen here.
“La Presse reported that in a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, the Minister of Health, Yves Bolduc, recommended that the government adopt a moratorium on all highway projects that will increase the amount of traffic in the Greater Montreal region. In addition to the Turcot, this recommendation includes the highway 25 extension, as well as the ‘Modernization of Notre Dame’ in the east end.”


2 responses to “Minister Of Health Wants Freeways Rethought!

  1. Pity that the Public health officials didn’t release their position on this issue BEFORE the municipal elections. It would have given Bergeron a boost in credibility in the eyes of those who see him as just a car hating dreamer.
    Most people don’t connect the dots when it comes to the negative effects of car emissions upon air quality in our neighborhoods and upon our health.

    Now that Tremblay needs to replace André Lavallée (who was not reelected) on the transportation dossier, let’s hope that he is man enough to offer it to Bergeron…

  2. The timing was interesting for sure. It depends on how far ahead they want to look. The transportation person could probably learn a lot from Bergeron, let alone wanting a job with him in 4 years!

    It’s all out of sight out of mind. We are good at denial, it’s built in and we use it very well, an adaption of an old survival gene,it’s part of our genetic makeup.

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