What A Run!

On Saturday around 3:30 pm I was standing under a small overhanging roof in front of an apartment building on Lasalle Boulevard in Verdun. My jeans were soaked from the knees down and water was draining off my cap and jacket and I was worried that the flyers I had in my backback would start getting wet soon too. I was looking up rue Troy and trying to remember if the front doors to some apartment buildings would open into the lobby if I took a quick run there. I really wanted to get this last door to door thing done! But it was pouring and a part of me felt like maybe this whole campaign thing was just a crazy dream. I mean, like you are the Turcot Yards guy, maybe this is as good as it gets, just an eccentric getting what you asked for. People buying beer at the depanneur across the street would see me and look like they were thinking how the poor dumb flyer delivery guy actually has to do crap like that. They really don’t want to be you now. Nope.
To follow your heart sometimes requires digging inside for a little more. If you believe in your passions, regardless of what conventional wisdom may say, you might need to get out of your comfort zones. So I ran to the apartment buildings, which were open, folded the flyers into the mailboxes, no time to talk now, got organized, and did all of Troy, which is a short street, but long enough in a downpour when you are drenched and exhausted.

* * * * * * *

I am a passionate believer in the Projet Montreal program and a huge fan of Richard Bergeron. He is a man I admire and respect. The media made a big deal about his apparent beliefs about 9/11 and smoking, but this only made him more real, more believable, to me. I don’t trust politicians who hide under the old “normal” banner. The world needs more Richard Bergerons, passionate, creative people, who sincerely care about the city and it’s people. People who are not ashamed to bang a different drum, or let you bring your own.

I am very, very proud of the entire Projet Montreal team, their friends, volunteers, and supporters. These are great people who are going to do wonderful things for Montreal. The future of the city is in very good hands, indeed! But there is still a lot of work to do to ensure the possibilities. We need to be even more vigilant with the Tremblay regime.

It was an impressive run! Going from 8% to 25% when up against a money machine and and a very cynical population is an astonishing achievement. If we had Tremblay’s campaign budget and a higher voter turnout, we may have won big time.

On a personal note my French has improved significantly and am working up the guts to predict bilingualism for 2013. Okay, I will shoot for 2011. I am a work in progress. 😛

I am very grateful to the people in Verdun who voted for Projet Montreal. I thank you for seeing the program as not just worthy but necessary, and for stepping outside the box. Verdun has been subject to the same old regime for far much too long. So we will be back in 2013!

Craig Sauve Rocks!!!


7 responses to “What A Run!

  1. Craig Sauvé does rock… Indeed! But then, I concur that all the Projet Montreal team members are outstanding. It is hard enough to be in politics, hard to be new, hard to have no money, …or volunteers… Some ridings had it even harder than others. So THANK YOU Ken, for all the hard, grueling, unglamorous and unpaid work you have done over the past few months and just know that your efforts… all of our individual efforts… have contributed to Projet Montréal’s successful campaign. This year has been a critical and necessary foundation for PM’s future success. We have four more years to get ready to rock the vote!

  2. Way to go for trying, neath. Let’s face it though… you’re just not enough of a douche-bag to succeed at politics 😛

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