Dalhousie Meeting Went Well!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Dalhousie Gathering a Great Success
This morning, a group of citizens in Griffintown organized an informal
meet and greet session along the
actual bus lane, inviting neighbours and workers in the area to discuss current issues and concerns with
their local borough candidates. Most of the discussion was geared towards the elimination of the
proposed bus corridor on Dalhousie Street, which is an unfortunate consequence of the Société du
Havre’s Quartier Bonaventure project across the CN viaduct.
The South-West candidates in attendance were Sophie Thiébaut, Steeve Lemay, and Hélène Leblanc
representing Projet Montréal, Véronique Fournier and Paul-Émile Rioux from Vision Montréal, as well as
Nicole Boudreau and Danielle Godbout from Union Montréal. Parti Montréal’s Louise O’Sullivan and
South-West candidate Sean Murphy also dropped by to lend their support and voice their opposition to
the Dalhousie corridor.
Among many issues raised by Griffintowners regarding the corridor were concerns related to costs,
security, health, environment, heritage, property values, and expropriations. All the candidates present
agreed that at the very least, an urbanistic impact study of the different bus path proposals is required
before moving forward, and this study must take into account the various issues raised by citizens.
For more info on the Dalhousie corridor and the citizens group opposed to it, please visit

The event attracted nearly 100 residents and passersby.

And some buses.
Please visit The Dalhousie Corridor for information and updates about yet another poorly planned project from the Tremblay era.


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