Dalhousie Meeting Thursday Night Was Actually Thursday Morning!

Sorry about that folks!
Vous êtes invités à prendre un café avec des résidants et propriétaires fonciers de Griffintown. Il s’agit de vous informer au sujet du Corridor Dalhousie qui pourrait bientôt acheminer quelques 1400 autobus au travers de notre quartier en émergence. Tous les
candidats locaux aux prochaines élections municipales ont été invités à partager leurs opinions sur le sujet. Venez vous joindre à nous!
Ensemble, démontrons combien nous tenons à notre Quartier!

Quand: Jeudi le 29 octobre 2009 de 7h30 à 8h30
Où: À l’Autoviseur, 405 de l’Inspecteur, coin St-Paul Ouest

* * *

You are invited to enjoy a coffee with concerned Griffintown residents
and property owners while learning firsthand about the Dalhousie Bus
Corridor which could soon re-route over 1400 buses per day through our
blossoming neighbourhood. All local municipal political candidates
have been invited to share their views. Come and join us!

When: Thursday, October 29th from 7:30AM to 8:30AM
Where: At l’Autoviseur, 405 de l’Inspecteur, corner St-Paul Ouest

* * *
Check out the website and sign the petition
Carte / Map:



2 responses to “Dalhousie Meeting Thursday Night Was Actually Thursday Morning!

  1. Important note re: Dalhousie gathering. The gathering was held this morning between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and was quite successful The 4 municipal parties were represented which was nice considering the early hour and candidates saw and heard concerns regarding the bus corridor. About 150 buses went by in the time we were there. The proposed Dalhousie corrider would have 1400 buses a day concentrated during the rush hour periods (700 in the a.m. 700 in the p.m.) so clearly the number of buses under this proposal would be increasing dramatically. The issues are many, and the battle will continue after the election.
    Thank you for posting the meeting on Walking Turcot Yard. Hope that anyone planning on attending is not inconvenienced by the time confusion

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