The Arctic: Ice Free In A Decade?

My semi belated Blog Action Day post.
Photo: Greenpeace
There are those amongst us who have been talking environmental issues for decades and I have to say it is quite bizarre to find in the year 2009 that Canada has a Prime MInister who not only believes the Tar Sands is a wonderful economy boosting project but also can hardly wait for The Arctic to melt so his excavation buddies can go in and start digging for gold and drilling for oil and whatever else may be there. Now I really understand how people in Europe said they didn’t see the Nazis coming; they just weren’t paying attention, figured it would all just go away, figured it couldn’t be real.
I think of The Arctic melting and I just know in my heart that something really, really bad is going to be the side effect of that. But there is only one thing that actually gets me a bit angry about the whole deal and that is when one day, perhaps as an old man, I get knocked over in line at the food rationing place by someone greedily jumping ahead who on October 15, 2009 did not even believe climate change was real. Now THAT will probably really piss me off. Ya gotta laugh….

Arctic will be ice-free in a decade, according to Pen Hadow


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