Sexy Beton

Attended the play, Sexy Beton, at the Segal Centre last night. It’s about what happened after the de la Concorde overpass in Laval collapsed and killed 5 people, seriously wounding 6 others. This meticulously researched and well acted “documentary” play raises some hard questions. The Johnson Commission that investigated the collapse concluded that no one was responsible. And the victims were told that the accident would be classified as a car accident by the SAQ and compensation would be as regularly paid out under the universal no fault system. That was not even enough to replace their cars.
It is three years ago today that the collapse happened and it is clear that we have failed in our ability to take responsibility, seek justice, and demand appropriate penalties and compensation.
A good part of the play shows the process by which many potentially revealing sources get swept under the rug through rhetoric and indifference and fear in an attempt to find the origins of the problems with the overpass.
Today Transport Quebec is saying that their “culture” has changed and are spinning on about slowly meeting recommendations of the Johnson Commission.

Sexy Beton

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