4 responses to “Angela Davis At McGill Thursday

  1. Yea, good point. It’s interesting, yet terrifying, how everything has been reduced to black and white in North American socio/political spheres – “you must be a terrorist if you don’t support the Patriot Act”. Seems we have forgotten all the gray areas and alternatives are received as if from some evil alien empire about to torture our children to death.

  2. I’m somewhat devastated to be missing her talk, as she’s kind of one of my personal heroes.

    Her autobiography, written in the seventies, is a must for anyone interested in the power and potential of social movements.

    (It’s funny, I picked it up for 99 cents on my first visit to Montreal, at some now-defunct used book shop somewhere in the Centre-Sud, back in ’96)

    And good luck on your elections, by the way. Even though I personally feel that the electoral path has less potential for the social transformation we need, I admire your courage in putting yourself out there.

    And though I don’t know you personally, from reading your blog I get the feeling that, if elected, you wouldn’t become corrupt and hypocritical like too many of our politicians.

    At least I hope not!

  3. I would certainly try to maintain a certain level of integrity – no point in holding politicians accountable if I don’t think that that applies to myself. I would resign before I accepted something as simple as someone buying me lunch. Might sound like it’s a harmless thing but corruption starts somewhere….If I can’t be the real deal, I don’t want to play, so here’s a chance to see how that could fly.

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