Vote Projet Montreal!

And I urge all of you to do so not just because I am running in Verdun (Champlain-L’Ile-des-Soeurs – Ken McLaughlin), but because it is the only rational option out there.
The Tremblay administration has more than it’s fair share of corruption issues and is only capable of vague promises concerning the extremely important transportation future of Montreal. Time to go.
Louise Harel has incredibly nerve to run for Mayor as her megacity plans have failed miserably. She simply has not demonstrated any real understanding of the urban milieu in Montreal. Would be a big mistake.
Louise O’Sullivan is a federal Conservative (Reform in reality) who would like to bathe the city in a cloud of nostalgia. Not relevant.
That leaves us with only Richard Bergeron (who actually has a PHD in Urban Planning) of Projet Montreal. It is interesting times in the city and this is the only party committed to an open approach at city hall that places personal integrity and a commitment to community values at the top of the list.
The time for change is here, so get with it, Montreal!


6 responses to “Vote Projet Montreal!

  1. Hey. I didn’t know you are a candidate in this election. Congratulations to you and to the good people of Verdun who deserve better than what they’ve got at the moment.

    I concur that Montreal is at a crossroads in it’s history and needs a mayor with a bold vision for the future and a true understanding of the applied concepts of sustainability in all areas of urban development. While Louise Harel is very smart, this is simply not her area of expertise. (And likely has a hidden agenda). Richard Bergeron is the only one who can get Montreal on the right track (excuse the pun).

  2. I am strongly leaning towards voting for the ProjetMontreal team. As a resident of Griffintown, I am strongly opposed to the Dalhousie bus corridor that the current administration is planning on introducing. (The corridor would be less than 100 feet from my window!) Can Project Montreal put a stop to the corridor? I understand that there is a public meeting on November 1 to discuss the project. Past public meetins have just been a charade. Can anything be realistically done at this point, or would it be like trying to stop a train in full speed?

  3. Projet Montreal is against the project on Dalhousie. You might want to email Sophie Thibeault who is one of the candidates in the southwest ( for a more detailed explanation.

    There is also a meeting on Thursday at 8 at ETS on Peel that you might want to inquire about.

  4. The Dalhousie Corridor is a big issue for the neighbourhood of Griffintown and should be for the entire southern sector of the city. The arrogance of the Tremblay administration is astonishing. Whatever happens election wise, it’ll be really important for this project to be definitively stopped.

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