Green Stuff On Nun’s Island

Noticed this on Nun’s Island this morning. Looks like some kind of grainy topsoil greenstuff that has landscaped the embankment. I know they are building some kind of a golf complex over there, but this doesn’t look familiar to me at all. Anyone?


6 responses to “Green Stuff On Nun’s Island

  1. There’s a green-dyed spray-on grass seed/fertilizer mix that gives that kinda look. Hmm, seems to called hydroseeding. That’d be my guess.

  2. I’ve always found the effect a bit creepy. I know that calling it an “eco-“golf course is greenwashing, but this is taking it to an extreme!
    On whatever site I pulled the name off of, they were saying they use dye because it makes it easier to judge the quality of the coverage. I don’t suppose the dye is particularly noxious, they don’t want to kill the grass seed after all.

    BTW, when checking out swimming lessons for my son, I noticed that yes there is a pool in the M.R. high school, but apparently the school board is closing it at the end of this year.

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