We Are All Madoffs

Interesting article that suggests our consumer driven economy exploits the planet’s delicate ecosystem pretty much with the same mindless consent involved in a Ponzi Scheme. One thing is certain, there is going to be a terrible price to pay.
“Make no mistake: Our current relationship to the world ecosystem is nothing less than a pyramid scheme, of a magnitude that dwarfs anything ever contemplated by Charles Ponzi, who, before Madoff, was the best-known practitioner of that dark art. Modern civilization’s exploitation of the natural environment is not unlike the way Madoff exploited his investors, predicated on the illusion that it will always be possible to make future payments owing to yet more exploitation down the road: more suckers, more growth, more GNP, based—as all Ponzi schemes are—on the fraud of “more and more,” with no foreseeable reckoning, and thus, the promise of no comeuppance, neither legal nor economic nor ecologic. At least in the short run.

In the long term? We’re all dead, along with the planet.

Article by David P. Barash here.

One response to “We Are All Madoffs

  1. You are so right. It’s easy to look at his excesses and think, he’s completely different from me. But we’re all mini-Madoffs, or a hell of a lot of us are.

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