Saw this Stop sign reconfigured and decided to do a little online research.
DSCN0333 with cat 2small
So what is Suha?
“SUHA is a short film by ROBBY REIS, which documents the life of an androgynous female graffiti artist living and producing in Montreal’s male dominated graffiti sub-culture. SUHA chronicles her life and subterranean art practice through an array of striking images and a one way narration. Her diaristic accounts are captured on film, as a soliloquy of sorts that, unbeknown to her, never reaches her recipients. SUHA’s accounts become a self realizing exploration as to why and how she came to be a graffiti writer. Our main character comes to terms with her obsession and pinpoints the exact moment when graffiti took control of her life.” More here.

I included the insert of the cat on the track who saw me and just sat on the rail watching me come until I turned on to the road and he/she scattered into the bushes. Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, neat little things happen.

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