Ferry To Nun’s Island

Runs all summer and costs $2.50 per one way trip. Can be a very interesting leg of a bike tour of the area.
The Verdun “Marina” or what used to be the Verdun Yacht Club before politics and greed entered the Verdun Waterfront equation.
That’s a lot of water out there.
Traffic. Maybe he was fishing at Cote Saint Catherine or coming back from his cabin on Heron Island?
Looking east.
Bike path on Nun’s Island. I wonder what those poles are for? They seem to have canvas wrapped around them as though they are screens of some kind.
Condo towers on south west side.
Facadism. Jane Jacob’s once wrote that parts of Manhattan look like green paradises from out on the water.
Docked at Nun’s Island with senior’s residences in background.
On the way back in….
DSCN0167 small
There were some cyclists waiting when we got back. Depending on how busy it is, the schedule can be flexible. Takes about 12 minutes each way.

13 responses to “Ferry To Nun’s Island

  1. Regarding pic #5… If the poles are in the vicinity of a golf course, then it’s probably netting to protect cyclists from errant golf balls. The Beaconsfield golf course adjacent to the parking lot of the CLSC on Cartier at the 20 has a similar setup. I believe the netting is folded away during the off season to avoid snaring passing birds (don’t quote me on that though).

  2. Rich has nailed it. The reason the netting is folded away, however, is that the so-called eco-golf course is still under construction. Sad that the poles are so tall that, viewed from Verdun proper, they stick up above the “facade” of trees.

    Re pic 2: On maps, that body of water is called Bassin des Prairies. Any idea if it has any other local name in English or French?

    Re pic 3: I was surprised to note that in the fall, people go duck hunting from their boats out there. Seems awfully close to urban areas to allow shooting, but I suppose it’s restricted to shotguns.

  3. Sounds good to me too, in fact I know the netting on Cartier you are talking about, Rich.
    There is a football field with high light standards just east of the poles but doesn’t make sense that they would be connected (I find that very ironic as it is across form where the old Verdun Stadium used to be which itself has been replaced by condos). I didn’t go very far but that area could very well be a golf course under construction, although I can’t quite get Nun’s Islanders wanting a golf course unless it’s some kind of private “eco course” restricted to them ( we could take the ferry over and sneak in by the back, lol, or maybe Verdun residents would be allowed in :P).
    There was a golf course on Nun’s Island back in the 60’s when development first began in earnest. Not sure if it was only 9 holes or not, but it gave way to development. Now that was when the Nun’s Island real estate slogan “a piece of the country 5 minutes from downtown” made a bit of sense. People could leave work, go play some golf, go back to the office, etc….

    As far as names go I don’t recall anything specific. Most of the “river rats’ I knew would simply refer to various areas out there like Laprarie, Cote Saint Catherine, Heron or Goat Island, Lasalle, etc….

    When I was a kid a guy up the street brought my parents some ducks he had shot. We didn’t like it very much. Back then there was nothing on Nun’s Island so shooting in that direction was pretty much harmless, unless you were a duck, of course. I have never really seen the sport of it.
    In the fall you would see the boats at the river getting camouflaged and that was kind of cool, some boats looked like little floating pieces of swamp.

  4. I’m not sure how much say the Nuns’ Islanders have about the golf course or any of the recent developments . There appeared to be some sort of pitch and putt golf course at the north end of the island when I first moved to Verdun seven years ago. My impression was that in return for ceding that land so that it could be developed into the Bell offices, etc., the club owners got the land near the southern tip. I could be wrong about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s a golf course there building there. Odd as it may seem, there are people who will pay a premium to live alongside a golf course.

    My dad used to shoot ducks on occasion when I was growing up in northern BC. They can be good, but they often taste swampy.

  5. I checked out the satellite photo perspective. It does indeed look like the driving range is in that area. Here’s a link to the Borough’s “vision” for the full golf course project:


    I noticed in the Messager that they’re thinking of building an indoor swimming pool near the waterfront in that park north (i.e., east, in Verdun parlance) of the Auditorium.

  6. Interesting that Verdun would build an indoor swimming pool there. There are a few indoor pools in Verdun but a fee is required. Reminds me of a very old joke from the 70’s – guy from out of town goes to a Montreal strip joint and the doorman takes him to a table then demands 25 cents. Guy asks, what’s that for? Doorman says, to keep the riffraff out….and on it goes…..:P

  7. You are right about the Verdun Yachat Club that use to be their, and now political greed has taken over that area. They tore down the old VYC and put in the Cresendo Restaurant, they took the money to build that ” white elephant ” from the Federal Gov’t that was to be used to promote the waterfront. Well they promoted they waterfront with their own political interests. And parking their now is all reserved for the Resto, so forget about parking your car anywhere around the Resto to enjoy the waterfront, cause you will get a ticket. The best part, is they do not have to pay taxes cause of a sweetheart deal made with the Mayor of Verdun, but the rest of the World has to pay taxes.
    Gone are the days of getting a cheap warf for your boat, now the City has a limit of 100 spaces and they charge $365+ with no services, when before the City took over from the VYC it was around $150 with all the parking you want, and lighting on the warfs for security.
    And make too much noise with your motor boat, and the Cresendo will calll the Police on you for distrubing their peace. Well the Marina was their first, and if you build a resto next to a marina, expect to have boat noise.
    But I hear it is a matter of time before the City will get rid of the Marina to please their non-taxing tenant.
    Thats Politics.

  8. Seems like that netting is causing some problems. Check out this article: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/actualites/regional/montreal/201108/10/01-4424762-larrondissement-veut-forcer-la-reouverture-du-golf-ile-des-soeurs.php
    Turns out, mayor Trudel just happens to live in one of the newest highrises on Nun’s Island that his administration would have been overseeing the development of. Strange how that works. Didn’t Bossé have a place in those towers near the Auditorium? Might be nice to have a mayor who wasn’t so close to the developers that (s)he didn’t end up living in their buildings. Given the whole Catacan business, where that company had at a certain point won something like 26 straight bidding processes for Borough construction work (shoddily done of course, just check out the sidewalks on Bannatyne east of Willibrord), difficult not to conclude something smells.

  9. Mayor after Mayor has been corrupt but there is little resistance from the population at large and Nun’s Islander’s are very poorly organized – they just sat back and allowed highrise after highrise to be built, thus effectively making the bridge more of a hassle with each new building

  10. .Its 2011 and the City of Verdun keeps increasing the rents for the marina, but offers no service to any needed safety repairs to the warf they bought over 15 years ago to service the old Verdun Yacht Club. How can a City run like a bunch of bandits once they collect over $50K per season offer no service, but yet give 100% service to the Crescendo restaurant who pay no taxes, and no hydro, since all electrical wires are connected to the boardwalk system. And every time you cal the City and ask for needed repairs, they lie to you and say its going to be repaired in 2 weeks, that never comes. It just amazing how a City can favour one party that gives nothing back to the City (Crescendo), and nobody questions their actions. Well they keep raising property taxes to pay for these types of services they offer to a private restaurant.
    And do not forget the Verdun Motor Boat Club that also got evicted from their spot cause the then Mayor of Verdun did not like looking out his penthouse window looking at a marina at the bottom of Church ave.
    Lets hope one day we will get a honest Mayor that will serve the citizens and not himself.

  11. The boat clubs got completely screwed by Mayor Georges Bosse who apparently lives in a double penthouse on the Verdun waterfront. Mayor Wilson vowed in the 30’s they would never build private residences or commercial venues on the waterfront – exceptions being the Natatorium and Auditorium, public work projects that have been heavily used and very much enjoyed by generations of Verduners. Bosse failed to honour the history of the city. Last we heard of him he was shilling for the Devimco project in Griffintown, no surprise at all.

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