Swimming In The Saint Lawrence!

I may get Polio and die from a thousand different cancers but at least I can say that I have swam in the Saint Lawrence! It’s been striking me lately that not too many of us can say that, at least not off of Verdun. We live our whole lives here….My generation of Verduners came along around the time of the Polio Scare and so we tended to stay out of the water and used the Natatorium for our summer recreation. That all started in the 50’s when Hollywood horror films were featuring post nuclear mutations and the message was creeping through even if only subliminally….
Still, I have to say I have not felt that refreshed in years. Now if I can try to contain myself to only twice a week…..

River swim1

River swim 2

And as far as that old what to do before I die list goes all I can say is Check!


3 responses to “Swimming In The Saint Lawrence!

  1. I was actually surprised by how nice it is. Not too deep near the shore and the movement of the river is not really a issue around that spot. Dogs are crazy about that place.

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