Montreal At The Crossroads

Long overdue to post about this book which I would have figured I would have read hot off the presses but, alas, didnt happen that way.

Henry Aubin wrote a brief review of the book in last Thursday’s gazoo. He concludes that, “A lot of ordinary people, – namely commuters who are voters – will resist restraints on driving. The war on climate change is really a war on entrenched habits. It therefore won’t be a popular war. But it is on fronts like Turcot that it must be fought.”

I couldn’t agree more. We have been behaving as if oil is a harmless product in infinite supply. Neither is even close to reality, but avoiding reality is what the overwhelming majority of us have been doing for decades. Time to pay the piper is almost here.

If Turcot were simply about replacing some aging infrastructure then there would be no book, there would be no protests, and there probably wouldn’t even be this blog, but it is about so much one person can’t begin to do it all justice. There were over 100 different individuals and groups that expressed concerns and offered alternative ideas at the BAPE hearings in June. If that isn’t enough to make the whole thing just grind to some kind of a rational halt, then we are all in much deeper trouble than any of us really wants to know about.

Montreal At The Crossroads


4 responses to “Montreal At The Crossroads

  1. You can buy a copy of the book Montréal at the Crossroads: Superhighways, the Turcot and the Environment at Paragraphe Books, corner Sherbrooke and McGill College. So far, that’s the only bookstore that is stocking it.

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