The Lying Down Game In Montreal

I met up with Nosila on Sunday afternoon downtown and we walked around for a couple of hours playing The Lying Down Game. This is much, much more fun than it might look at first. Your whole idea of public space gets challenged as well as how you interact with others, or are willing to interact. And, yes, someone did ask if she was alright when lying down amongst the throngs on the Saint Catherine street sidewalk sale.

alison canada post lying down-cc
ken fence lying down-cc
alison distant lying down-cc
alison trash lying down-cc
ken railing lying down-cc
alison curvy sculpture lying down-cc
ken fountain lying down-cc
ken rich to poor lying down-cc
alison rich to poor lying down-cc
ken founders elm lying down-cc
alison religion lying down-cc
ken 3d lying down-cc
alison st catherine lying down-cc
All shots taken with Nosila’s Iphone. Do check out her blog here.

So who is up for doing this on a larger scale?


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