Post BAPE Party and Les 2 Pierres

The I Survived The BAPE pot luck went on last Sunday after being thunderstormed out the day before. But more than just a get together it was an occasion to reflect and make a truly wonderful gesture – the planting of Les 2 Pierres! And a good time it was!

Jody Negley explains,
“We wanted to celebrate surviving the grueling BAPE process, as well as acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices that many of our members and supporters have made over the past year. Our collective battle against the MTQ’s plan to displace 400 + people from their home in order to rebuild a highway access road, putting the flow of car traffic before people.

Planting two Tamarack trees in the MTQ space on Cazelais street North was for local area residents a symbol of resistance and resolve… A message if you will: We’re not going anywhere. We’re here to stay.

We decided to call the trees Les 2 Pierres to honour architect Pierre Brisset, one of the movement’s most ardent and vocal critics re expropriations and Pierre Gauthier, Concordia professor of Geography and Urban Planning, who has rallied the university milieu in the fight for sustainable inter-modal transportation alternatives to the MTQ plan.”

And here are some excellent photographs of the occasion by Andre Denis.

These are the buildings that would be torn down under the current Turcot plan.
The famous Biker’s Garden.

One of the Pierres planting one of Les 2 Pierres.
And finish up with the obligatory neighborhood album cover shot.

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