Trouble Brewing In Plateau

“We are not near bankruptcy,” says borough mayor Helen Fotopulus in this gazette article. Seems the Plateau is 4.1 million in the hole over snow removal expenses alone. That shouldn’t be happening in a city that gets snow the way Montreal does. That should be a no brainer that gets taken care of off the top.
Anyway, some documents have been leaked to the media and politicians are feeling the heat, calling the documents “working documents” which appears to be code for “stuff we don’t want the public to see.” Says Fotopulos, “A lot of the documents we have are confidential, they aren’t to be diffused because they are working documents that contain information that can lead the population to all kinds of conclusions.”
It’s an election year so we can expect a lot more of this kind of thing and if, in the process, the citizens of Montreal will clearly be able to see how incredibly inefficient our municipal administrative structure currently is, then it will all be good in the end.

In a related article we get to see politicians beginning to do the run around when it comes to laying blame rather than accepting responsibility. Benoit Labonte declares the Tremblay administration a failure at running local budgets and Fotopulos claims all the fiscal problems of Montreal go back 9 years to a program brought in by then PQ cabinet minister and now candidate for mayor, Louise Harel. It really is getting to be a circus and the election is still 4 months away. What is going to happen when the campaigns go in to high gear? If it wasn’t all so damn stupid, I might even suggest there could be a sharp entertainment edge to this election.

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