Saint Lawrence Seaway Turns 50!

There were those who felt that the opening of the Seaway would turn Montreal into a ghost town seeing as how we would lose our status on being the main terminal for everything going and coming from the Great Lakes. Didn’t happen and that is a great testament to the people of this amazing place. Still, on the 50th anniversary of the Seaway we need to keep in mind that while it was an economic boom for North America on the whole, and many of it’s inland ports, the environmental price has been very heavy indeed.

Fallen hero: the St. Lawrence Seaway at 50

Green groups dredge up the past as St. Lawrence Seaway turns 50

As Seaway Turns 50, it’s Time for a Reality Check

View of Montreal and Seaway at Laprarie Pier by Roger Kenner

Today the Arctic is melting and we have a Prime Minister who drools at the thought of excavating the Arctic ground while cruise ships dock in Nunavut, or will they have built a canal to Banff in another 50 years?

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