Homeless Man Run Over In Lane

A little catching up…. Couple of Gazette articles about a homeless man run over in alley here and here. The article highlights the need for better services for the homeless – a respite centre was closed because a grant had run out, for example. Downtown construction projects tend to scatter the homeless away for their routine hangouts such as a downtown park currently part of the Quartier Des Spectacles construction. And, in summer, businesses often holler for the removal of the homeless from the streets.

There are shelters and many social workers in the city but it just isn’t enough, nor is the system very effective in terms of reintegration. The city does not have much of an effective plan for dealing with the homeless beyond some outdated techniques such as passing bylaws that prevent people from spending the night in city parks. But this is an issue that has not been well thought out at all levels of government in Canada and a lot of needed housing gets lost in the ideological debates over “Housing”.

“Canada is one of the few countries in the world without a national housing strategy (United Nations, 2009). Many of the federal governments’ expenditures are cost-sharing, one-time only funding initiatives that lack long-term leadership on homelessness” More here.


National Alliance To End Homelessness

Cities go further to help homeless.

How we treat our homeless will define who we are much more than how we throw a party or treat tourists. We need to care a little more than we have.

Homeless Nation

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