Barrel Monster

Causing a bit of a stir in the US because even though this street art is technically vandalism, it seems to be putting a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.
Barrel Monster

“When Joseph Carnevale chopped up three stolen orange and white traffic barrels from a construction site to create a massive sculpture of a roadside monster thumbing a ride, the North Carolina college student said he saw it as a form of street art.

Raleigh, N.C., police just saw vandalism….However

Hamlin Associates, the construction company whose barrels were turned into a monster, doesn’t want to press charges.

“We’ve had a fair amount of vandalism, but never anyone turn it into art,” Company President Steven Hussey said. “I actually thought it was pretty neat.”

Hussey said the value of the publicity his company has received is well above the $365 cost of the traffic barrels that Carnevale used.

“It’s been positive publicity for us,” he said. “If we’d known he’d do that good of a work, we’d have given him the barrels.”

Story here.

Facebook group with 3, 298 Members

No Promise Of Safety

Our roads are notoriously bad here in Quebec and our long suffering pothole thumping drivers deserve some kind of entertaining diversion to make their drives a little less miserable . Perhaps the MTQ should look into buying some Barrel Monsters for our eternally under repair highways?

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