Turcot Fenced Off

No pictures yet but apparently Turcot Yards is now fenced off and there are security people in cars telling people to get off the property of be fined. And apparently there are trucks dumping gravel on the site, especially at night. Might be a little premature, or arrogant others might say, considering that the BAPE hearings are on this week with a plethora of reasons being presented on why the Turcot project should be completely rethought.

Well, this was inevitable of course. Will have more thoughts on this and other aspects of it all in the coming weeks.

4 responses to “Turcot Fenced Off

  1. Much or the Turcot Yards were closed to the public years ago. You haven’t been able to drive or walk along most of Pullman (at the foot of the cliff) for several years. First is was CN Police – representing the then owners, and more recently any number of cops or rent-a-cops. The path along the side of the cliff, never completed but for which the City invested much effort during the 80s and 90s (intended to be a bike and cross-country ski path) is inaccessible except to the brave.

  2. I stumbled upon that path once and at first I thought it was just a shortcut for the yards from Saint Jacques. But Andy Riga did some research and, sure enough, they had actually started a bike path right IN the Falaise Saint Jacques!

  3. Strange, never thought we would see new track being laid there, be interesting to see exactly where they are going to put it.

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