Vertical Farming

It has been estimated that the Earth’s population will expand by 3 billion people (40%) by the year 2050. How will we feed them all?

Vertical farming appears to be one inevitable answer. While the above image may look like a science fiction fantasy structure, it is,The Dragonfly, an actual design for a farming complex in New York City. And it is just a matter of time before there are active vertical farms in cities around the world.

Vertical Farming Wiki

We are in the early idealistic phase of vertical farming where elegance of design, as well as office space and housing are incorporated into the plan, as this video clearly demonstrates.

But it may be an old value of form following function, and cost, that will ultimately decide what these structures will generally be like, think 40 story Wal Marts, though variety will likely be the name of the game. There are probably a lot of old industrial buildings in Montreal that would make great hydroponic food farms (instead of condos). Or put a glass roof on the Olympic Stadium….

Interview with Dickson Despommier
And another here.

The Vertical Farm Project


4 responses to “Vertical Farming

  1. ONe of the most impressive parts of the BAPE was the incredible diversity of the ideas and, for the most part, they are not only doable, but can be done simultaneously. Let the BAPE presenters design the future of Montreal and the world would rush here to see it!

  2. its a really inovative idea n i have taken it for my scool competition-(3D model)SCIENCE CITY IN 2050!!!!!!!!!!thnx a lot for help…….can u give me sum more ideas via email?

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