City Closing Resevoir Parks

Two City parks are being gated off apparently for concerns about the city’s water supply, potential terrorist attacks being the main rationale.

There are two recent Gazette articles here and here.

You can join the protest over Rutherford Park here and Dupuis Park here.

It is interesting that Dupuis Park is considered to be in Montreal by the city or even downtown by the Gazette article. It’s in Verdun, folks, and even if it isn’t, it’s still in Verdun (wink).

It makes you wonder what is really going on as neither animal excrement or terrorism probably presents much of a threat to the water system if you are only on the surface of a very well covered system. ?

11 responses to “City Closing Resevoir Parks

  1. I think the city has been embarrassed by security breaches inside the water filtration plants by ordinary citizens in recent years (never mind terrorists) and is overreacting. Why not secure the buildings and leave the green space alone? Because the city is run by power-mad thugs who don’t give a crap about ordinary people live.

    Mary in Verdun

  2. I think Mary is correct about the city overreacting to articles such as the one posted several months ago on SpacingMontreal,
    but I doubt that closing up the public spaces will do much to make the water supply more secure. I don’t think security is the only issue either.

  3. Good point! And probably close to the mark. Do they get bonus points in this post 9/11 era for increasing security?

    It’s crazy how we have sooo remarkably inconvenienced everyone in the US and Canada over one, albeit spectacular, terrorist attack. ‘Twas a time they would have called all this a cowardly reaction, but if there is money to be made by the right people, then only terrorists would complain, and so on…

  4. Josh Freed wrote in the The Gaz on Saturday about the city’s stealthy closing of the playground in Jeanne Mance park. The decision was made for “safety” reasons, apparently. You can hide all kinds of things in the name of safety and security. I wish people would react.
    Funny, I went on a Jane’s Walk in the Point on Saturday. At the end, I told the group of 15 walkers about the closing of Dupuis Park and urged them to visit the web site to find out more and sign the petition.
    One of the guides, a community activist type, was quick to point out that the park is in Sud-Ouest and not Verdun (!!), that it is fundamentally unfair that Sud-Ouest pays for upkeep (!!) and that all that horsing around on the grass risks causing a cave-in into the water reservoir (!!!) She was very quick to take the official party line.

  5. Jacqueline Montpetit (borough mayor) announced some good news at this evening’s borough council meeting: That the park in the south-west will remain open to the public (with the exception of dogs).

  6. That is good news. Technically, I think the water works was always considered Montreal in terms of ownership and who was responsible for maintenance, etc, but has it been a Southwest Borough concern only since the mergers? We always thought of it as a Verdun place though because, quite obviously, it s quite difficult to imagine it as being part of the Point, Saint Henri, or even Cote Saint Paul. It is ridiculous that money for the Southwest Borough is being spent on this water plant, if that is the case, because that water is being processed to serve a much bigger area than that. Sounds like another absurdidumb from the people who brought you the MegaCity.

    It’s always surprising how much paranoia you can create when you talk about water reservoirs such as this one. In the 60’s the radicals were supposedly plotting to turn all city water supplies into a free source of LSD, now we get dog droppings and terrorists.

  7. No doubt it is some election year damage control. Both parks had regular users who quickly put up websites and petitions, and it didn’t take long at all for some action. Also these two parks are interesting in that one attracts people from downtown and the other has organized sports leagues – that’s a lot of word of mouth. And let’s not forget that dog owners throughout the city were pretty much insulted by the obvious insinuation that no one picks up after their dogs in both parks.

    Thanks for the link!

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