March Today!

Just a reminder that the march through Saint Henri is today, April 19, 2009, starting at 2 locations, Lionel Groulx Metro and 780 Saint Remi at 1pm.

Thanks to Jacob Larsen over at Spacing I noticed this article by Henry Aubin from a couple of weeks ago that I missed at the time. I have to admit there was a time when I felt like the lone weirdo in the darkness on the edge of town ranting and raving about what seemed to be an astonishing lack of clarity to all these transportation projects for the island of Montreal – does the right hand know what the left is doing? I sort of asked. What got me going was how painfully obvious, at least to me (wink), it was that there was absolutely zero cohesiveness to all these projects, and the projects themselves were indeed nothing more than realizations of concepts that were 40 or more years old! Turns out I wasn’t going crazy. Phew!

See you there

3 responses to “March Today!

  1. Hello I just moved in to 780 St Remi and everybody is scaring me telling me that I did a bad move simply because a destruction will be taking place this year!! Is this true ?Thank you


  2. I am not sure of the demolition schedule under the current Turcot plan, but I am quite sure your neighbors are much better informed to let you know what is happening. Recent events have given some hope that there will not be any demolitions.

    Yea, it might seem scary, but you now live in one of the most interesting places in all of Montreal, make the most of it!

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