Mayor Tremblay Should Resign!

It’s getting to be a no brainer. Henry Aubin’s column in Saturday’s Gazette only skims the surface of recent allegations that should be cause for great concern amongst all citizens. Check out this paragraph,
“The city has, for example, signed two 20-year leases for offices in buildings near city hall for $300 million. It could have bought them for a lot less: Their combined evaluation was $100 million.”
Now that is beyond irresponsible, it’s flagrantly stupid. Still, there is a history here of taxpayer’s getting shafted with The Olympic Games being the obvious and most spectacular example. So why should anyone care now?

It’s about the quality of life in the city. When hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on projects or acquisitions that do not do anyone much good (except those on the receiving end of the cash), there then develops a complete lack of support for things that may be generally deemed to be important (social housing, public works projects, etc).

Montreal today is a city bogged down by mediocrity at the government level. It takes forever to get badly needed projects going such as improved public transit, airport to downtown rail, and other necessary projects off the ground. Highly questionable projects, such as the Griffintown development, which had some elements of patronage similar to the current water contract issues, seem to get pushed through relatively easily.

We are on the verge of massive spending on infrastructure in Quebec, as elsewhere across North America. And we are going to need strong, reliable, and trustworthy leaders to get us through this period or the Olympic debt will seem like a small business loan compared to what we could be in for.

Mayor Tremblay has been the only mayor of the MegaCity era. The mergers have been universally condemned as a failure that has, predictably one might add, created denser bureaucracies, while maintaining the Executive Committee as an elite group that makes decisions without real public input, and generally behaves as if it knows what is good for us all. That’s okay when no one is paying attention I suppose. But it’s time that Gerald Tremblay be accountable for that failure, amongst other things.

8 responses to “Mayor Tremblay Should Resign!

  1. Maybe he should resign, but sadly enough, we don’t have better. Labonté, I wouldn’t trust him, even less then Tremblay. So until we have a Drapeau or even a Doré, We’re stuck with Tremblay.

  2. Agreed, enough of Tremblay, but as BruB said, he doesn’t even have a competition, so I guess we’re doomed…

  3. How about Tremblay resigns and André Lavallée (currently the transportation and urban planning guy) takes his place as leader of Union Montreal? I’d vote for him.

    Still, I’m not sure how any mayor can get negotiate the hyper-unionization and favouritism of developers that bogs down and inflates the cost of any new project in this city.

    Perhaps what we need more than new leadership is some effective competition at the level of developers and construction. Look what the Quartier International non-profit planning organization has done.

  4. “Hyper-unionisation”, non-profit planning — these are rather revanchist tropes! Fitting for Spacing, I suppose.

  5. So long as we have a system that is so corruptable we will have one puppet after another as mayor.
    The real challenge lies in changing the rotten-to-the-core system we have in place today. Change to what? Let’s start with a single concept = accountability.
    Oh, I see, there’s the rub.
    See their world, hear their stories and then Taste YOUR Freedom.

  6. newurbanshapes is hilarious. s/he appears to be stuck in the first year of grad school, when one is possessed by an acute sense of petty self-righteousness and a need to weigh down one’s speech with carefully-considered jargon.

    keep doing the rounds at all the blogs! it’s entertaining.

  7. cookiemonster is hilarious. s/he appears to be stuck in the cookie jar.

    keep eating all the cookies! it’s fattening

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