Interesting Statistics

US Freight transportation

The US Transportation Energy book states the following figures for Freight transportation in 2004:

Transportation mode Fuel consumption
BTU per short ton mile kJ per tonne kilometre
Class 1 Railroads 341 246
Domestic Waterbourne 510 370
Heavy Trucks 3,357 2,426
Air freight (aprox) 9,600 6,900

2 responses to “Interesting Statistics

  1. I liked these ones I saw a while ago. I think the

    Energy consumed by means of transportation per passenger per kilometer.

    Subcompact Car (1 person) – 2800
    Autobus (at 50% capacity) – 800
    Autobus (at 100% capacity) – 450
    Tramway /SLR (50%) – 350
    Train de banlieue (50%) – 300
    Métro (40%) – 280 p7

    They don’t give the energy unit. I seem to remember thinking it was kilojoules.

    It’s odd that they cite the metro numbers at 40% capacity. Also it ignores that typical trips on each of these means of transport are decreasingly long-distance — meaning the metro is even more energy efficient because it promotes energy-efficient displacement patterns.

  2. I look at the stats between trains and trucks, think of the video about how the automobile industry destroyed the railroads, tramlines, etc, and realize the evidence is overwhelming – what idiots decided trucks were more efficient at moving goods cross country? Must have been those teamsters’ scientists!

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