City Suspends Water Contract

Latest Gazette story says Mayor Tremblay has suspended the water contract that may have been awarded under dubious circumstances – it s even been on the national news tonight.

“Mayor Gérald Tremblay says he has suspended a $355-million waterworks contract, distancing himself from controversial Montreal businessman Antonio Accurso.

Just hours after the Canada Revenue Agency announced three of Accurso’s companies are under investigation for tax fraud, Tremblay issued a statement declaring he has suspended the city’s contract to a consortium that includes one of those companies.

Tremblay called the suspension temporary, in force at least until the city’s auditor general can investigate and produce a report on how that contract was awarded.”

Mayor Tremblay was in my opinion a little too nonchalant in dismissing the Frank Zampino “yacht vacation” as perhaps simply being poor judgement. He should have been quite angry and ready to have an inquiry before any arrests were made. Now it is unfolding as a pretty big story. It’s an election year.  Should be interesting to see where this goes.

Full story here.

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