Call-Out For Turcot Stories

hello —
some of you may have heard from me already, but i’m
trying to spread this call-out around for a paper & project
i’m working on — i’ll be presenting it mid-april at a conference,
& publishing it online in early may.  i’m working as a graduate
student at both concordia & mcgill, in art history & architecture.
i also hope to do a design intervention in the site this summer
based on its history.  while it’s not specifically outlined in this
call-out, i’m interested in this history of the interchange as well,
its impact on the neighborhood, connections to the current
planning & broader urban issues of redevelopment.

thanks for your time — please spread the word!
— danielle lewis

a call-out for stories related to the turcot yards!

the current turcot development project threatens to drastically alter
saint henri.  by assuming that the turcot yards are “abandoned,”
planners have proceeded with an indifference to the history and
occupation of the yards as well as the surrounding neighborhood,
including housing that has been lived in for decades.

in the face of the MTQ planning, we want to hear from local residents
on the role of the area in and around the turcot yards for the broader
saint henri community.  in collecting and documenting memories and
experiences of saint henri residents, we will use storytelling as a
political gesture of resistance.

:::  what do the areas in and around the turcot yards mean to you?
what is your relationship to these places?  how do you interact with
these sites?  do you have stories related to the histories of turcot
and its role in saint henri?

if you want to share your stories and/or photographs,
both historic & contemporary, please contact:
dlle.lew @   (or call)  514.933.6756
un appel pour des histoires liées à la cour turcot!

l’actuel projet de développement turcot menace de changer radicalement
le quartier saint henri.  en supposant que les terrains de l’ancienne
cour de triage turcot sont «à l’abandon», les planificateurs font
preuve d’indifférence envers l’histoire et l’occupation des lieux
ainsi bien qu’envers le voisinage, incluant des logements habités
depuis des décennies.

face aux plans de la MTQ, nous voulons entendre la population locale
parler du rôle des alentours de la cour turcot et de ses bénéfices sur
l’ensemble de la communauté de saint henri.  par la collecte et la
documentation des souvenirs et des expériences des résidents de saint
henri, nous allons utiliser le conte comme geste politique de

:::  qu’est-ce que les zones à l’intérieur et autour de la cour turcot
signifient pour vous? quelle est votre relation envers ces endroits?
comment voulez-vous communiquer avec ces sites? avez-vous des
histoires liées à l’histoire de la cour turcot et de son rôle à saint

si vous souhaitez partager vos histoires et/ou photographies,
tant historiques que contemporaines, s.v.p. contacter:
dlle.lew @ (ou composez le) 514.933.6756

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