Tim Saternow’s High Line Watercolours

“I find tremendous beauty and energy in the grit and rust of these forgotten industrial areas of New York City.
The High Line Series explores the architectural landscapes of the last remaining industrial region along the far west side of Chelsea and 10th Avenue, now becoming galleries and condominiums.
These large figurative cityscapes are painted in strong watercolor on rough paper. By exploring the tension between carefully drawn linear perspective and the freedom of watermarks, paint runs and spatters, I’m capturing the weathered patina of old steel and concrete that is the texture of the city.”

Images courtesy of George Billis Gallery
©2008 Tim Saternow]

You can check out the rest of the series on Tim Saternow’s website.

The High Line Blog

One response to “Tim Saternow’s High Line Watercolours

  1. The High Line in NYC would have made a nice commuter train route on the west side.

    In transit, Andrew

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