Let’s Paint The Riviere Saint Pierre Across Turcot!!

Turcot won’t be available for long. There are hardly any cities in the world capable of doing this project – who has that kind of land empty so close to the city center? Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?

4 responses to “Let’s Paint The Riviere Saint Pierre Across Turcot!!

  1. Great idea – when I was in Breda (NL) years ago, they’d done this with an old canal circling the old town, in advance of a rehabilitation/daylighting project. Essentially, they painted blue lines representing the banks of the canal on whatever pavement, sidewalks, roads, etc… they crossed. As far as I know, the project’s since gone ahead, so presumably the blue lines are gone, replaced with water.

    You might also want to check West 8’s project “Brandgrens” which is a permanent public art installation that uses lights to mark the limits of the May 1940 bombings/fire that destroyed virtually all of central Rotterdam. http://www.west8.nl/projects/all/brandgrens/

  2. Kind of the opposite project, projecting future water onto a city; http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/watermarks.html

    I really like this idea. In fact I was thinking about it independently myself. Given that Montreal eventually embraced someone like Roadsworth I suspect they might be willing to go for something like this too.

    In fact the whole concept of bringing the history (and future) of a city up into a perceivable form is something that really interests me. There are lots of interesting opportunities for such in Montreal.

  3. Yes, there is. We are in the middle of the word’s greatest “freshwater” system. You would think we would want to celebrate that somehow?

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