Griffintown’s New City Gas Co. In Trouble

Nice, almost Dickensian feel to that header. Article in today’s Gazette about how the building could vibrate to death if a new dedicated south shore bus service road is built beside it. Here is an excerpt,

““I can’t understand why anyone would spend $65 million when there are alternative routes for the buses that wouldn’t cost anything extra,” Hélène Dansereau, a member of the Committee for the Sustainable Redevelopment of Griffintown, said.

Alternatives include Duke, Nazareth, or Peel St., though Mayor Gérald Tremblay has said he’d wants to run a tramway route on Peel.”

Same ‘ol same ‘ol at  City Hall. There is no comprehensive concise clearheaded plan for the area, but Monsieur Tremblay would like to see a tramway running up and down Peel.  Reminds me of how Drapeau’s obsession with having a very tall dominant tower in the city (Paris didn’t want to part with it’s tower) which in large part led us into the Olympic Games tragedy. Cart before the horse, and on it goes.

2 responses to “Griffintown’s New City Gas Co. In Trouble

  1. No kidding. They obviously must just know that no one is actually paying attention. I wonder what the demographics are in breakdown for Montreal city elections. Who turns out and why?

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