Under Montreal

New local blog about Montreal below ground shows a lot of promise if the first posts show anything. Run by someone who is passionate about storm drains, tunnels, and all underground places. Of particular interest to this blog is a series of posts about the Riviere Saint Pierre which once ran through Turcot Yards. Last year I photographed the only open visible section of the river that still exists while touring Meadowbrook Golf Course in Cote Saint Luc. Here are some shots from a Meadowbrook section of what the old river is like underground today. Keep in mind that the photographer works usually in total darkness and has to create his own lighting.

Photographs courtesy of Andrew Emond.

Do check out out Under Montreal.

2 responses to “Under Montreal

  1. Incredible photos… Fleet River photos awesome and bone chilling to think what it might be like to get trapped down there as the tide is rising to fill the underground chambers… Would make for a scary thriller. I wonder if film crews have used these tunnels to shoot movies?

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