Notre Dame Trench, Griffintown Projects Getting Backburnered

Articles in the Gazette about the Notre Dame street east highway project and the Griffintown redevelopment nightmare. The word on the streets is that the Griffintown project is dead in the water but Devimco and City Hall are going through “scaling back” motions because it is an election year and Gerald Tremblay does not want to go into the fall election with a couple of collossal flops on his record.

It is also important to note that both these projects were severely criticized by local residents and community groups alike. Both projects represent awesomely outdated ways of thinking about the city and how to develop it in the 21st century.

2 responses to “Notre Dame Trench, Griffintown Projects Getting Backburnered

  1. Tremblay would benefit more from proposing an fresh alternative than continuing to support the least popular project in the city, just for the sake of consistency.

    Devimco’s folks aren’t even voting Montrealers (at least their offices are in the 450, probably down by their baby, the dix/30.)

  2. Yep, of course the original plan was to have a bunch of mega projects in gear for the election. I am going to post a quote from Jane Jacobs that I think says a lot about all these mayors and planners and developers.

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