Queen’s Park – Verdun!

Thanks to Guy over at SHGV for finding the initial photographs and information.  From Guy,

” I wonder how many Verdunites are aware that there existed a large sporting complex in Verdun at the beginning of the 20th century called Queen’s Park. I know I did’nt until I joined the SHGV. These photos will give you an idea of this large park wich contained a Velodrome which held international bicycle competitions and was the most beautiful and modern of its time. The race track was 28 feet wide on the corners and had an 8 feet inclination. The cost was $35,000 to $50,000. The mile was held in 1.45 minutes in June 1899. The most important promoter of this project was U.H. Dandurand, an important Montreal businessman of the time. He was the first Montrealer to own an automobile as shown on the photo. The stadium could seat 8000 persons. The Ontario and Wellington tramways stopped right in from of the sporting complex. The first race was held on August 7th to the 29th of August 1899 and the prizes were $3000.00. The 9th of August held 12,000 persons. The parish priest Richard held his first mass in the Queen’s Park hall where 600 persons attended. The ceremony was bilingual. One anecdote mentioned in the SHGV article in the Les Argoulets journal is that a small train was installed at one time in the park and passengers would sit sideways and enjoy the ride.”

The research so far seems to indicate that Queen’s Park was quite large as it was bordered by Galt, Bannantyne, Willibrord, and Lasalle streets (though Lasalle may have still been known as Chemin de Lachine at the time).

Here are some pictures.

Societe d’Histoire et de Genealogie de Verdun

6 responses to “Queen’s Park – Verdun!

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  2. There used to be a Horse Racing Track by the name of Queens Park, but near Blue Bonnets and Kings Park… I was there often as a child during summer. I always knew Lasalle Boulevard by that name. I knew Lachine Road as an extension to rue St. Jacques.

    I lived in the Southwest of Montreal, and know Verdun very well. I have never heard of Queens Park. Not old enough, I guess 🙂

    I did cycle in Verdun quite a lot but on the streets. There wasnèt very much traffic during World War 2.

    We had Woodland Park when I was a teenager, Monday night outdoor movies by the river… Swimming in the Natatorium when it was brand new, and in the St. Lawrence river as a child and teen, near the power house in Lasalle, and Flat Rock and Torchy Wharf. I could see Verdun High from our back garden.

    Watching Dickie Moore playing hockey in the Verdun Auditorium when he played with the Junior Canadiens, I believe.

    Lots of good memories in Southwest Montreal.

  3. Sounds pretty good, Lorraine! My dad used to say when the kids played street hockey they would use a sculpted chunk of frozen horse manure for a puck :). That would be in the 30’s.

  4. my father was a jockey i had a picture of him on horse at kingspark in 1924 but the picture got lost his name was robert punshon

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