James Howard Kunstler on Post Cheap Oil

It is depressing. The  smooth transition period he refers to could have been happening over the last 35 years when us North Americans got a  jolt of reality about the availabilty of oil during the oil crisis of 1973.  Obviously, we learned nothing, and here we are.

2 responses to “James Howard Kunstler on Post Cheap Oil

  1. Oh man. I feel sorry for anyone who looks up to Kunstler. He’s obviously making a lot of money off his latest fad. Not that there isn’t a crisis, but this is not the kind of person we should be looking up to. Check out some of his pages to see the trouble he causes, and read about his books to understand his thuggish view of reality.

  2. Don’t feel sorry for me, David, like with an old long gone lover it’s hardly worth the emotional expenditure, even if nostalgia can seem like a pretty good deal at times. I have no idea how much money Kunstler is making but he has been doing this schtik for way too long for it to be a fad. Don’t know what your beef really is, but this guy has been plain talking what a lot of people have not wanted to hear. I think he is quite ok.

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