Griffintown Project Scaling Back

Seems Devimco is having a hard time raising all the money for their inner city sprawl project according to this article in today’s Gazette. The two most outstanding things that were just wrong with the project to begin with was tearing down buildings over 100 years old – cities across North America would kill to have a Griffintown so close to the city center – and building 6,000 parking spaces. Talk about pouring gasoline on the fire! So  let’s not even begin to discuss heritage or all the good things that currently exist in Griffintown. What we should be talking about is getting people who actually live in the 21st century into City Hall.

If there is one thing that ties most great city neighborhoods together it is that they were said to have grown organically. In Montreal we have a world class neighborhood in the Plateau but developers hate it because they can’t make money building duplexes and triplexes of lasting quality, so they give us crud and shlock and politicians call it growth. Griffintown is an outstanding area that needs to develop organically like all great neighborhoods. So you start with what is already great about the place such as this park featuring the ruins of an Irish church that once was the center of the community.

And you build slowly out trying this or that in a manner that usually guarantees success simply because the scale and scope of the area allows for human beings to participate openly in the streets and public spaces. On foot!

There are just not very many examples of how Devimco’s plan has ever improved a city. In fact, there are usually negatives attached.  Weird.

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