The Rising – Lincoln Memorial

It is hard to believe today that the United States of America once fought a horrible civil war, that slavery was some kind of normal thing to some human beings. It is also hard to believe today that not long ago there were men with guitars and other musical instruments  singing about freedom and justice who were beaten, thrown in jail, or killed for daring to dream out loud of a better life for all of us.  Today we have approached the summit of human potential as those dreams come full circle, celebrated, where once only hope could soothe the human spirit. Today, we all stand a little closer together.

2 responses to “The Rising – Lincoln Memorial

  1. Perhaps if there was topic I might consider staying with it? I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot. It was one of those moments that stays with you for life. I have been fortunate to have lived to see something like this, even if it meant there had to be a 9/11 along the way. Get back to me in 40 years (wink).

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