Inflatable Street Art

Joshua Allen Harris has made some pretty cool inflatables on subway grates.

Found this one at  SirLaugh’s blog.

And these at the Wooster Collective.

9 responses to “Inflatable Street Art

  1. this is really gorgeous. i love what street art does to make you imagine.

    a while back in a blog you talked about wishing that you could paint the riviere st. pierre on the turcot yards. is doing something like this something you are still imagining? i am imagining this. i don’t know exactly how, but i have ideas. i think this should happen before the redevelopment happens.

  2. It would be a very interesting thing to do, but I have been busy with other stuff. Still, if you are interested send me an email and we can start something somehow somewhere…..

  3. I have thought about concerts there, Shakespeare Under The Freeway?, and other stuff…maybe a big Pink Floyd type pig blowing carbon monoxide out it s….anyway lots of potential….

  4. Creative indeed. I especially enjoyed the blue donkey-looking piece. It seemed to be very friendly with his waving hand 🙂

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