Time To Demolish Olympic Stadium?

Or at least find some practical purpose for it. Article in yesterday’s Gazette talks about how winter events at the Olympic Stadium may happen if there is no snow or ice on the roof or the support cables. That is simply too absurd a set of conditions for a  huge public venue in a  northern city like Montreal. I don’t know what the answer is but it seems ridiculous to not have an alternative plan of some kind at this stage of the game. A lot of money is being spent to maintain something that has a very limited usefullness. Time to go back to the drawingboard.

2 responses to “Time To Demolish Olympic Stadium?

  1. I think it should have been taken down when the big ass chunk fell on the inside. Plus no more home team using it. No one wants to show under the roof. Screw it, blow it, bulldoze it.

  2. Yea, somehow we all went into denial during the Olympic games themselves – I mean it is SUPPOSED to be majorly embarrassing to be hosting the Olympics with an incomplete stadium. But the city partied on and somehow resigned to the debt we ventured forward under the belief that it would all be good one day. 10 years without a roof that structure endured! The retractable roof worked like 8 times ! When are we finally going to throw in the towel and admit that there is no future with this stadium?

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