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  1. Are these posters from a series? Are there higher res versions? What’s the back story on this Mrs. Campbell?

    Questions, questions

  2. Neath
    I officially LOVE you ! … Thank you so much for helping tell Mrs Campbell’s story… and by so doing, telling people of the fate that awaits hundreds of people like her, who live in the Village des Tanneries. If the Turcot reconstruction project goes through as planned, the 780 St Remi and the entire North side of Cazelais street will be expropriated.

    This will be the second time that the neighborhood has suffered this kind of major amputation… Forty years ago, there used to be a much larger community (many from the italian community) with a park, row houses and gardens up along the hillside of St Jacques (see http://www.sainthenrilaglen.ca/en/index.php) all destroyed to make way for the 720 elevated highway which overshadows the community today.

    Sad and ironic that in the 21st century, the quebec government can’t come up with a more sustainable and progressive solution to the Turcot dilemma.

    So please do visit Mrs Campbell’s facebook site and lend her your support… And tell your friends!

  3. Almost? … (sounds like there’s a story there)…

    This is what I know re photos, as told by Philippe Côté of GRUHM and the Coalition Notre Dame and Mob. Turcot:

    ”Pour illustrer la destruction de St-Henri par la construction de l’autoroute Ville-Marie, voici deux documents extraient du catalogue de l’exposition organisée par Melvin Charney – «MONTREAL – PLUS OU MOINS» au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal à l’été 1972.

    Les deux oeuvres «MME Campbell» sont de Jennifer Harper et Brian Merrett du Westmount Action Committee.

    J’ajoute un BD de Dupras «Non à l’autoroute» qui provient du même catalogue.

    Il serait pertinent de retrouver d’autres photos de cette malheureuse époque.”

    À la prochaine – Philippe Côté

    I welcome any help from readers/sleuths to track down more photos of that time as this will be very helpful for the upcoming public hearings. Contact: mobilisation.turcot@gmail.com

    The ‘BD’ he is referring to is a cartoon/bande dessinée that I will post on the forum http://lotek.info/forums/ in the section: ‘Actions citoyens/How we get there’

  4. Hi everyone
    I have tracked down more of the photos through the Westmount Historical Society: The ones above should be credited to Brian Merritt and the late Jennifer Harper, if you don’t mind Heath. I will send you the rest once I work out the details Mr Merrett.

  5. Hello all!

    I wish you good luck, success and management as you undertake this endeavour. It was nearly four decades ago that we fought the Ville-Marie autoroute and, of course, lost. As a token some of the housing on Selby Street was saved but at what social cost?

    We now have a majority Liberal government whose empty platform was about ‘the economy’. Forty years ago Robert Bourassa talked the same way as he strove to create 100,000 jobs. We must constantly remind M. Charest and his politically-motivated team that, undefined, ‘the economy’ is an empty phrase. An astute politician and responsible leader will base a vibrant economy on key factors such as culture, the environment, education, innovation and the health and well-being of the population.

    We have electricity and aluminum and Bombardier here in Quebec. Why don’t we have the most advanced public transport system in the world? Why are we repeating the same mistakes, forgetting that highways beget cars, cars beget highways.

  6. one cannot healp but note that the\se writer(s) live lives levels of comfort removed from their “green” public personae

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