Trouble With SHDM, Trouble With City Hall

There were three articles about a current set of “scandals” involving City Hall and SHDM (Societe d’Habitation de developement de Montreal) in Saturday’s Gazette written by LInda Gyulai.

“He tried to kick me out”

Mayor’s organizers, advisers among key players in merger

Opposition leader calls for public inquiry into “questionable transactions”

There is enough material in those articles to inspire a few best sellers, but the real nasty part is that it is real, that this is how our city is run. If there was any doubt as to the methods and practices of the Tremblay administration and the “executive committee”, let there be none now.

In the almost three years that I have been doing this blog I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting a wide range of remarkable people. There is energy in this city, there is passion in this city, and there is an astonishing amount of talent ready to be given an opportunity to help Montreal become one of the most desired locations on the planet. But it seems the people running the place have other short term plans involving old and jaded ways of doing buisness, development, and planning. It’s time this city, this unique community, went public, because transparency is where the future is, now.

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