Majora Carter

This award winning urban environmental activist grew up in the South Bronx area of New York City. She helped found Sustainable South Bronx which actually stopped NYC from building a solid waste management plant at Hunt’s Point, which led to the creation of Hunt’s Point Riverside Park.

Photo: Librado Romero/New York Times

Some other SSB projects include,

  • building a park on the site of a former concrete plant.
  • enabling public waterfront access where the shore was once littered with industrial scrap.
  • developing an ecological restoration workforce to protect and maintain the natural environment.
  • raised $1.25M in Federal Transportation Dept funding to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of the South Bronx Greenway, a bike/pedestrian greenway along the waterfront connecting neighborhoods to the waterfront and each other. The first piece of this greenway in existence is the Hunt’s Point Riverside Park.
  • replace the disused/never-completed Sherridan Expressway along 1.25 miles of the Bronx River with riverfront housing, retail and community/recreational uses.
  • advocating for swimmable waterways through Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (S.W.I.M.), a citywide coalition of organizations dedicated to improving water quality in New York City.

All of these community minded projects are extremely empowering for local citizens.  The Sheridan Expressway was part of Robert Moses divide and ignore approach to freeway building in the late 1950’s. Today people are reclaiming the expressway.

Articulate, energetic, and inspiring, Majora Carter is one of  the  great clear and sane voices of our time. Please check out this video which is must viewing for anyone who cares about the quality of life in our cities, in our world.

4 responses to “Majora Carter

  1. Fantastic example of what can be achieved by people who dare to question the status quo…

    Inspiring! I encourage all Montrealers to ask the question: Do we really want to replace the Turcot Interchange with another concrete highway ? Imagine if…

    Let’s think outside the box on this one: The time for a new era of sustainable transportation is now!

  2. I am very impressed with Ms. Carter’s work and the community of the South Bronx. I recently heard the story of this on CBC Radio One and it has inspired me:) Keep up the good work!!

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