Griffintown Project On Hold Until 2010

Announced yesterday, story here.

Seems the unsteady  market behaviour of recent times has the developer wanting to ride out the storm before jumping in. Still, that does not appear to have stifled their zest to buy up all properties in Griffintown, which of course can go a long way to gauranteeing that an entire city neighborhood will be developed by one developer with one theme. Still sounds as anti community as it was in the beginning.

Downtown merchants would like to see the project as a residential zone only. Their fears of big boxes stealing buisness from the downtown core are justified, but a residential only neighborhood in the city core is a recipe for disaster that begins with defaulting the area as a car culture zone. Of course there are tons of good ideas out there of how redeveloping Griffintown could be a tremendous city success, but City Hall seems to have little interest in what some of the most highly respected architecture people in the city have to say and prefers to hang out with people who are basically experts on creating suburban sprawl.

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