Expo ’67 (magstb67)

Was, of course, the ridiculously fabulous world’s fair in Montreal in 1967. I turned 13 during Expo summer and I have nothing but extraordinary memories of it. Decided to blog about it when I was recently led to a Flickr page by magstb67 who is trying to put together the biggest collection of photographs ever about Expo ’67 online. So head on over, take a look, and send him your images that are not already there!

Well, there literally are over 5,000 interesting images to choose from but I will go with these three.

Like this because of the fashion but also the total surrealistic effect (She must be boiling under there). There are not a lot of uncluttered views like this from those very busy days at Expo.

Here is the Autostade Goose Village was torn down to make way for this stadium which was to fill all our future stadium needs. Almost hard to believe the Olympics, and their stadium, would be only only 9 years later, when I look back. The Autostade served it s purpose during the fair but really sucked afterwards when it was mainly the Alouettes home field. The gaps in the stands were filled in the following year creating a bowl. As you can see the seats at the 50 yard line were among the furthest from the sidelines, especially as you went up, and the end zones seats were just about in another part of town. There was often incredible insect problems for games, and it was just a very, very, awkward place for most people to get to. It s just a little ironic that the Alouettes ended up back in their original stadium after playing both here and in Olympic Stadium for so many years. And of course, the fact that Goose Village will always be of greater interest than this stadium that never really entered the city’s hearts. The last time I was in the Autostade was probably a Pink Floyd concert in 74. Was good.

And this huge photograph of Humphrey Bogart was one of the most lasting images for me. It was as though the Americans were saying there was another side to all the glitz and the glamor, as if there really was a film noir running under the surface. Incredible!

So head over to magstb67’s Flickr Expo ’67 collection here.

Also check out Expo Lounge for lots more interesting stuff.


8 responses to “Expo ’67 (magstb67)

  1. Thanks for presenting this view of Expo 67. I agree with your description of it as “the ridiculously fabulous world’s fair.” I turned 24 that summer and had somehow emerged from a series of wretched jobs to finally do something I loved: lecture at the new Dow Planetarium. My hobbies of 16mm cinematography and astronomy actually led to something useful – even wonderful. Being part of the new planetarium made us feel connected to the revolution in audio-visual entertainment that was so much of Expo 67. Since I often worked evenings and weekends I could spend most days at Expo. I loved the free live entertainment. I grew up never going to theatres because all youth were banned from those dangerous establishments following a terrible fire in Montreal where children were trampled (before panic bars were invented, I guess). I didn’t know it, but that would be my last summer in Montreal: next year I was off to produce shows for the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto. I’ve never moved back.

    Do you remember the Canadian Armed Forces Tatoo? One day my mother said we had tickets to see that show in the Autostade. When I asked what a tatoo was she said it was a military display with horses and bands. (Yawn.) I had no interest, but went anyhow. It was easily the greatest show I’ve ever seen! I could go on about the extravagant and dramatic spectacle, but it was like a total eclipse of the Sun – you had to experience it. Oddly, one of the people I’m working with here in Vancouver is 82-year-old Ian Frew. He mentioned to me that he convinced PM Diefenbaker to stage the Tatoo. Then when the Conservatives lost, he had to make the same pitch to Mr. Pearson. Since there seems to be scant records of the event, I’ve suggested to him that I’d like to record an oral history of how it all happened.

  2. Hi Robert, been awhile hasn’t it? I wish I could help you out about the tatoo. I never went but I remember hearing about it and it seems to me there was pictures of it on various programs from Expo. Perhaps there is stories in some of those souvenir items? Seems the planetarium day’s are numbered too, last I heard they were going to move it to the Big Owe site. Was an exciting time for sure….Also kind of a “glory days” era for the NFB and other artistic orgs. Do you still have any footage from Expo?

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